1. 😂
    when I don't want a sentence to sound too harsh or I'm too lazy to type anything else
  2. 😶
    when I don't know what to say
  3. 😭
    when I am really upset that either my internet isn't working or my friends can't do something
  4. ❤️
    when someone does or says something that melts my heart
  5. 😊
    when someone says something that makes me blush, or when I'm really happy about something
  6. 😍
    when my friend posts a pretty picture on Instagram or sends me a picture of food
  7. 😬
    when I don't know what to do in a situation such as "wanna hang out?"
  8. 😉
    when I want to be fun... one of three emojis I use to flirt or joke around
  9. 😱
    when someone astounds me
  10. 💔
    when we run out of chocolate milk
  11. 😘
    when I say "goodnight, see you tomorrow"
  12. 🙄
    when someone misinterprets a text
  13. 😅
    when I've used 😂 far too many times
  14. 😏
    when I get a "wanna do something?" text
  15. 💁🏽
    when I'm being sassy