Elise and I have been friends for a little over a year. I'm happy to say she's one of my best friends despite our little bumps in the road
  1. She's SO considerate
    She's always thinking about other people, not just herself.
  2. She listens to my problems
    Like my problems with boys and school and stress and hair colors and ufhksnfv
  3. She supports my decisions
    Even if she doesn't agree with all of them, she's on my side with just about everything
  4. She supports my opinions
    I think someone's being dumb, she will talk to me about why they're dumb
  5. But.... she also talks sense into me about my opinions
    Such as when my "best friend" (🙄) was being kind of a butt to me for a bit today and I ranted about it, she mentioned how I've been kind of a butt too.
  6. She doesn't bring herself into everything
    Like when we liked the same guy and I didn't know she liked him until I was already in a relationship with him, she didn't once tell me I was a terrible person or try to "steal him". She respects people and I admire her for that
  7. She's positive
    If anyone is ever down on themselves she is quick to bring up the positive things about them and help them realize their true potential
  8. She's so talented !!!!!
    She paints, she draws, she sings, she reads, she writes (beautifully), she knows random facts
  9. She just makes me smile
    Because that's what friends do! They make you smile.