1. i already want a mini van
  2. my hair is in a mom top knot daily
    at one point or another
  3. goldfish and fruit snacks are staples in my diet
    so like i don't even have to make anything different for kids
  4. i'm always reminding people to be good
    remember who you are and what you stand for
  5. i buy my pretend children treats
    and whatever they want, if they've been good.
  6. i own/love mom clothes
    mom jeans? yes. yoga pants? of course. baggy t shirt from 10 years ago. why not?
  7. i go to sporting events/recitals i normally wouldn't go to for people i care about
    one time i snuck into my friend's skate show just to see her even though she didn't want me there.... thought i would embarrass her. :')
  8. i only really hang out with moms
    play groups will be a BREEZE someday.
  9. i worry
    not always, but when i know somethings not right.
  10. i make a mean mac n cheese
    maybe by some twisted power my kids won't like mac n cheese....?
  11. i pretty much love a mom lifestyle
    i go to the gym and hang out with moms, i go to target as a refuge, i occasionally make green smoothies? idek
  12. i love grocery shopping
    AND over spending after pay day at target 😬