1. Read a good book
    Either a classic of tfios, because I'm still a 12 year old girl who cries on every page
  2. Watch Grey's Anatomy
    McDreamy, enough said.
  3. Make cookies with my mom
    And not eat them, of course, because I don't eat.
  4. Snuggle my dog
    And update him on all my drama, etc
  5. Paint my nails
    Black, the obvious choice
  6. Travel
    Anywhere, really.
  7. Blow all my money on yoga pants
  8. Sit in a car with my sunroof open
    Looking at the stars
  9. Get sonic with my sons and daughter
    It's a ritual, with my two guy friends, and Lisey
  10. Learn a new Ingrid Michaelson song on the piano
    And sing at the top of my lungs, too.
  11. Put pins in my eyes
    You know, sounds incredibly uncomfortable right?
  12. Anything really