1. When they play "Come On Eileen" at the party
  2. The sound of a ukulele
  3. When the whole family falls asleep in front of the TV
  4. Walking out of a test feeling confident
  5. Seeing how far you've come
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  6. The smell of coffee
  7. Driving through town just to look at Christmas lights
  8. Old family photos
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  9. How happy a child is on Christmas morning
  10. When someone is nice to you in traffic
  11. Feeling a bond with someone who you don't know but attended the same college as
  12. The Cameron Crazies
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  13. Stepping on to your college campus for the first time as a freshman
  14. Meeting someone and, after one conversation, realizing that you and them are going to be really good friends.
  15. when the SNL stage is decorated for Christmas