1. hit the slopes
  2. tape her, I'm not, I'm not what, hammered
  3. don't deadbolt if you're tryna be subtle
  4. You can't trust your friends with stories about sleeping pills
  5. mimosas are too easy to drink
  6. Skrt
  7. Marry that bih
  8. That time MA woke up with 14 shirts and I cried
  9. Sophie's choice is never a good reference to make in a drinking game
  10. Mike loves tomato soup
  11. international men's day is 364 days a year
  12. Omarian does not equal Maryanna
  13. well butter my butt and call me a biscuit
  14. Hope solo: huuuuge bitch
  15. "Mason out drank me today and im embarrassed" - Kafker
  16. If u go to a local ice cream place ask specifically what the best flavors are
  17. Static
  18. Nick John's mom thinks he's gay
  19. Abby felt like Anne Frank
  20. "that's hot" - Nick John says as he watches Mike and MA take a body shot
  21. We did body shots off each other for 2 hours straight
  22. tbone was a skeleton beer bong
  23. that old man predator on the beach
  24. that old man predator in the pool
  25. generally a lot of old man predators
  26. Max forgot his wallet on the plane
  27. I'm sitting on the floor of the airport right now
  28. Wish this was still reality
  29. Nick and I had to break up and I cried