1. I have ocd about bed bugs the thought freaks me out
  2. I'm gay
  3. Favorite color is robins egg blue
  4. My eyes are hazel
  5. Love sports
  6. I'm married
  7. I'm 30
  8. I have 2 sisters
  9. I have a son
  10. I play music
  11. I have anxiety and depression
  12. I'm a smartass at times
  13. I got a weak stomach
  14. I love beer
  15. I have a wonderful family
  16. I don't drink pop I drink water
  17. I don't like stupidity
  18. I have a big heart
  19. I love home cooked meals
  20. I am a Christian
  21. I love family values
  22. I have morals and pride
  23. I can't stand a lazy person
  24. I'm very easy to talk to
  25. That's pretty much about me!!!