(I'm generally quite optimistic...but, I'm a little grumpy today)
  1. We keep blowing each other up with nail bombs, by decapitation, drones, IED's, etc. if we perceive the target is "not enough like us"
    We can't accept others being slightly different from us: gay, Muslim, Christian, black, white, handicapped, fat, etc.
  2. We can't agree that the climate is changing, even a little, for whatever reason
  3. We can't stop increasing our numbers by the billions
  4. We have to individually own so much sh*t
  5. Nothing has really changed in 10,000 years
  6. We can't seem to get a handle on excessive packaging and waste
    We have trashed much of our water
  7. Air pollution in many parts of the world is killing us by the thousands
    Too many of us drive to work by ourselves in 6-person vehicles
  8. We have bred the sh*t out of wolves so that we can own a deformed, sickly animal that meets our own perverted definition of "cute"
  9. We panic when we get hit by a new virus (like its a bad thing?)
  10. We think traveling to Mars and starting this all over again is a noble endeavor