But things are much better today...
  1. Using carbon paper on a typewriter and thinking Whiteout was the best invention ever
  2. Picking up the phone and asking the neighbor to get off the party line so I could call the doctor ( but I really wanted to talk to my girlfriend ).
  3. Coming in from ice skating all day and placing my frozen feet over the only heat register in the house that actually provided heat. It was pure agony but I did it anyway.
  4. Our phone number: Frontier 7-3427.
  5. Mixture of bacon, chicken, pot roast grease in a vegetable can on the stove that we used to make eggs, home fries, whatever. Why didn't it contain listeria or ecoli or something? Why am I still alive?
  6. Using periods at the end of every sentence.
  7. Spending all day mowing the lawn with a push reel mower and it still looked like crap when I was done.
  8. My new fangled calculator that could actually give me the sine of an angle and by showing hello when I inputted 01134 and looked at it upside down (the other kind of 4).