Ok, not actually a list.
  1. I killed a chipmunk with my car today.
    I really, really tried to stop by it wasn't in time. I wanted to apologize but it was too late.
  2. I parked the car in a spot where they were no "No Parking" signs.
    Went for a 1 hour walk and worried continuously about getting a ticket and the chipmunk.
  3. I went back to check on the chipmunk but there were birds picking at it.
    I figured it was too late to make an apology. I'm sooo sorry for taking his life. I am so selfish. I should just walk everywhere.
  4. Returning to my car after the walk I noticed there was no ticket.
    Had it blown off? Would I get double fined for not paying? Should I stop by the parking office to see if they had a record of my ticket?
  5. Went to breakfast at a small diner and sat down and ordered.
    Was this a cash only place? What if I didn't have enough cash? I got up and checked the front door for Visa/MasterCard/Discover stickers and they were all there. That would be my defense. "I just assumed because there were stickers that you accepted payment by cards".
  6. My breakfast arrived.
    It was good but I couldn't stop thinking about the payment method, the chipmunk, and the parking ticket. The bill arrived. I placed my Discover Card on the slip. Running through my mind: What if they take every card but Discover? I would be embarrassed. How about Visa? No. Cash only! The stickers were left in the door from a previous owner. I'm screwed.
  7. The waitress picked up the slip and Discover Card.
    "Back in a minute Hon." Whew! Got out of that one by the skin of my teeth!
  8. I drove by the scene of the chipmunk accident again.
    He wasn't there! He must have been only stunned and run off!
  9. I drove by where I parked previously.
    There were two new cars parked there. No tickets. Their tickets must have blown off too!
  10. Got home and decided to make lunch.
    How long does peanut butter last anyway? Should I open a new one or just chance getting E. coli or listeria or something even worse? I'd better go out to lunch. What if the restaurant is Cash Only?
  11. And so it goes.