1. Pooped 3 separate times before breakfast-right on schedule
  2. Ate cereal with slightly moldy blueberries but I just read that penicillin may cure cancer so all is good.
  3. Used a k-cup for coffee. Feeling really guilty about recycling. Was not worth it so I puked it up. Feeling a little less guilty about it now.
  4. Put down 14 bags of mulch. Should have been 15 but the guy at Lowe's only loaded fourteen. Really beating myself up for not checking before leaving. It's eating me up.
  5. Neighbor complained about the condition of storm drain in front of my house to the town. Because it was my house he used my name. Waiting for knock at my door.
  6. Drinking one Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat beer before dinner. Feeling a little better.