Why Wegmans Is So Great

  1. Their stores don't smell anything like Tops
  2. The cashiers have normal or above average IQs
  3. They have a good selection of beer
  4. They sell CHRUSCIKI
  5. I asked them the source of three types of fish and the buyer called me the next day with the answers
  6. They give scholarships to high school students
  7. I told them their app didn't work in certain areas of the store and they worked with me to improve it
  8. The employees are empowered to keep customers satisfied
  9. The woman stocking the bulk foods is hot
  10. They are almost always less expensive than Tops
  11. Red White & Blue bread
  12. Their app. I can find anything with it and compare prices
  13. Chicken French prepared meal
  14. Their roses are reasonably priced
  15. The water in the bathroom sinks is always the right temperature
  16. 92% fewer sketchy people shop there
  17. 96% few sketchy people work there