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  1. 10.
    John Rambo
    Operating a high powered mullet John Rambo uses it to hide amongst jungle bushes and escape armies of crew-cutted soldiers. It doesn't look like a mullet, but that's cuz he's been growing it for several years.
  2. 9.
    Robin Hood (Costner)
    Just like his Arrows, Robin Hood needed Kevin Costner needed a feathered quaff to keep his hood game on point.
  3. 8.
    Cliff Garret
    Chuck's flow might not be so high on this list of it wasn't for his supporting beard's ability to roundhouse kick its way to the top-3.
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  1. I have been called both "Cheese" and "Chisholm" while playin hoops.
  2. I still can't tell if this is McConaughey or Dillon.
  3. I could've been your cool best friend.
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