1. first of all... coconut oil can be used for many things.
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  2. and kehlani loves it too.
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  3. it clears acne like a charm. seriously.
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  4. makes your hair grow suPe r fast. + makes your hair healthier and stronger!
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  5. you can eAt and cooook w it!
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  6. apparently eating coconut oil on a regular basis can help prevent or reverse Alzheimer's, including many other diseases. what even is this stuff. Magic.
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  7. cures the driest of skin and can be used as lube ??? I mean
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  8. you can shave with it. must I go on?
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  9. honestly coconut oil is the love of my life and should be the love of yours. enjoy.
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    there are so many other uses for this nifty lil oil go look I promise it'll be great