Spreading the Danish culture, one list at a time. Apparently πŸ™ˆ There are plenty more, I just don't remember them in this very second!
  1. β€’
    Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
    Grunge | Alternative rock | Power rock |
  2. β€’
    Combination of R&B and hiphop
  3. β€’
    Lukas Graham
    Well, they're getting pretty famous now so you probably know them - you should check out their first album though! πŸ‘Œ
  4. β€’
    Mads Langer
    Pop | Poprock
  5. β€’
    Tim Christensen
    Also the lead singer of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - his solo albums are amazing aswell though Rock | Alternative rock | Rockpop
  6. β€’
    Mainly famous for "Lean on" with Major Lazer and DJ Snake - her own album is great too! Electronic | Indie pop | Soul
  7. β€’
    Patrick Dorgan
    Soul | R&B | Still semi "up and coming"
  8. β€’
    Agnes Obel
    Folk | Classical
  9. β€’
    Raske Penge
    Dancehall - great music, amazing beats and feelings in the music. So far that I know, he only made Danish tracks thus far 😊