Inspired by Blake
  1. Walking home in NYC at 4 in morning looking into all of the glass windows watching the doormen sleeping at their stations or occasionally on the lobby couch
  2. Masturbating in a lovers bed when they leave for work
  3. Walking alone on quiet(er) streets with heels on.. the clacking sound on the pavement is powerful and vibrant. My way of making music.
  4. Standing barefoot on the window sill to open the window
  5. Cutting your hands while trying to open a 40 in the backseat of an uber
  6. Bumping coke off a key to a stranger's home
  7. Thinking you left the party early.. but you really didn't all
  8. The driver of an uber black (called by an older man to meet him for brunch) stops on the side of a busy street in Soho to get me a mini bottle of water from the trunk
  9. Buying or watching people buy fruit off the street (paying with cash)
  10. Knowing what's in the pockets of your jean jacket hanging up in the closet
  11. Sipping champagne from a black card of a Syrian coke dealer
  12. Dancing at the bar and feeling the broken glass shards crunch underneath your shoes