I sometimes feel like storms in Brisbane are Mother Natures gift to me, and me alone.
  1. Thunderstorms need three things - moisture, warm unstable air and the good lift of a low pressure trough or front
  2. Thunder is not the Angels moving furniture around (this is what my mother told me once). It's caused by Lightning, which produces a sharp increase in pressure and temperature, expanding the air around the electrical current. Like huge hot air pockets popping.
  3. If you build it, he WONT come. The bigger the hype and the more you prepare, the less likely it is to occur.
  4. Lightning is deadly, and kills way more people than tornados each year
  5. Some sources refer to lightning as electrical discharge. Sorry, what?
  6. There is such a thing as "hail roar", where the ice in the clouds moves and runs over itself. Next time a hail storm is passing over or approaching, listen out for it. You can here a distinct difference between the hail roar and thunder.
  7. There are generally three categories - a single-cell, a multicell and a supercell. All have different characteristics. This shows the mighty supercell, which are rare, but according to Higgins Storm Chasing, threaten SEQ often during the season (??)
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  8. If you are 16 and are training at the Nudgee College pool on a Spring afternoon, no matter how promising things look, you can guarantee that the storm will occur everywhere but over the pool, meaning there's no chance of you being told you can't swim or that you have to get out due to lightning
  9. If you hold you camera up to the dark sky for a long period of time, just as you take it down to rest your arms, an amazing bolt of lightning will occur