Requested by @MVee
  1. Asking what my job is or what school I went to within 10 mins of meeting me in a social setting
  2. Ordering a "Sav Blanc from the Marlborough" from the waiter
  3. Women who wear Camilla dresses
  4. People who "own" Porsche Cayenne 4WD's
  5. People who drive Holdens
  6. Men whose shirts are pinstriped and tight
  7. People who are rude to waiters
  8. Until proven nice people with genuine health problems, women who clearly don't eat. I've be burned too many times.
  9. People who don't pay for themselves at dinner or try to skip out of rounds of drinks
  10. People who show you the size of their ego every time you interact with them
  11. People you don't know very well who tell you too much about their personal situation because they want your pity
  12. Homophobia
  13. People who leave their dogs chained/tied up outside anywhere whilst they do anything
  14. Calling in sick on consecutive Monday's
  15. Tightass's
  16. People who "learn" people. Fuck off. Move on.
  17. People who don't recycle