Requested by Jo Gray


Mostly the worst, and all delivered with a Queensland accent
  1. Meal (particularly hot meal, 3 course meal, then we will have the meal etc any use of the word that glorifies the eating of the food as the primary reason for an event... GUH)
  2. Blouse (implies you are over 50 and large)
  3. Valour (just sounds like vomit saying it)
  4. Boss (this is ok if you're talking about your manager, but if you are using it to describe yourself or someone else dominating something you can get out)
  5. Thankyou Tea (someone I hate used these two words together recently, so they were bound to suck, but think about it... Wtf is a Thankyou tea??? She was also responsible for the next one...)
  6. Plate of eats (eg, bring a plate of eats to the party to share. No. Food is not called eats. I hate you even more)
  7. Breaky (it's breakfast)
  8. Feed (you feed chickens or feed the dog, but you don't have one of these yourself)
  9. Pooped (um...yuck?)