Here comes the hate train - toot toot!
  1. Donald fucking Trump - you racist, arrogant red neck dick. You are such a no body. Intense dislike.
  2. Russell Brand - I once thought you were cool, but then you went loco. You campaigned on an inflated sense of celebrity. Now your just an asshole.
  3. Bono - I love that John Howard laughed and told you to fuck off when you asked him for a meeting about world peace and poverty. You are a sing-er. Nothing more.
  4. Tony Rabbit - Australia's biggest embarrassment. I encourage you to leave this country and seek asylum elsewhere, where you will hopefully be rejected and end up in an offshore processing facility for eternity.
  5. Justin Bieber - I ain't no belieber
  6. The Kardashians and that stain, Kanye - why are they a thing? Why? No one should care. They are nobodies.
  7. Most rappers - let's come from nothing and write music about our newly found excessive consumerism and how we rule the world. WTF????
  8. UFC fighters - stop that.
  9. Anyone who goes on I'm a celebrity, get me out of here. So, reality TV stars in general. This is really the bottom of the barrel. You should leave the public eye now. Shhhhh.
  10. Azalea Banks - you had talent, then you spent more time dissing other rappers than writing music. Such a shame.