... And other night time fears. Inspired by @Hyner and requested by @jograycy7. Most of these were experienced in my childhood/teenage room, apart from the horror movie scars. They live on.
  1. If I roll over, whatever is in my room will definitely use the opportunity to mask the sound of it moving closer to me
  2. The dressing gown or coat hanging on the back of my door is actually a ghost and at any moment will come to life and come at me, full speed, empty arm holes outstretched
  3. The nail holding the picture hanging above my bed will slide out of the wall and the painting will face plant on my face
  4. The horizontal blinds on my Windows will collapse as soon as I fall asleep and the sound will be far more terrifying than if I were awake, so I should stay awake
  5. I can't sleep with my leg out of the sheet in the open for too long for fear that a demon may drag me out of my bed (thanks Paranormal Activity)
  6. My stereo will turn on at any second at full volume
  7. My scissors are definitely moving in my desk caddy
  8. The little bat stickers on my wall seemed like a good idea at the time, but now the holograms are little evil eyes piercing their way into my brain from the depths of hell
  9. I can't turn my head to face the other way with my eyes closed then open them, because a dead guy displaying severe head trauma will be within inches of my face telling me to follow him (thanks Pet Semetery)
  10. If I hear possums/animals on or in the roof, I will soon begin to display symptoms of demonic possession (thanks Exorcist)
  11. If I place my feet beside the bed on the floor in the dark, whatever is under the bed will either slash the backs of my ankles or grab my feet and attempt to pull me under (source Unknown... but most likely a Stephen King novel)
  12. The suitcases on top of my cupboard have corpses in them that will soon come to life enough to roll themselves off onto the floor
  13. If I leave both feet out in the open something will brush past them. Guaranteed.