1. Matilda May Vickers in the morning
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  2. A good storm
  3. Opening a bottle of good wine when you've really earned it and sharing it with people you love
  4. My own office
  5. A clean house
  6. Making a difference to someone else's life
  7. A boozy lunch with old friends
  8. Getting dressed up in a new dress
  9. Dinner at a good restaurant with @MVee
  10. An ocean view
  11. A massive walk somewhere picturesque
  12. A really good work out to great music
  13. Listening to the wind at night in bed
  14. Driving by myself with my playlist up really, really loud
  15. Weekends away in the mountains
  16. That first dive into the ocean when you get your hair wet
  17. Sleeping in on a rainy morning in winter
  18. Coating my whole body with something gorgeous and lux after a hot shower
  19. Spending the afternoon in the kitchen cooking something amazing
  20. A good coat
  21. Bare feet
  22. Clean sheets
  23. Dark, moody art
  24. Sashimi
  25. Clear blue skies
  26. Pyjamas
  27. Dog teddies
  28. Greece
  29. Smells that take you back
  30. Rainy winter afternoons
  31. Making lists