1. Age 5: Architect
    heavily influenced by my mother
  2. Age 8: Senator
    1996 was an election year. I decided I didn't want the fame of a president, but I wanted more power than you could get in the house.
  3. Age 11: Soccer Player
    I saw the US '99 Women's World Cup team play against Nigeria at Soldier Field. I was obsessed.
  4. Age 15: Global Marketing Director of Nike
    Nike came out with a commercial called "Dr. Funk" that featured Vince Carter. To this day, I think of it as the most influential commercial of my life. When I saw it for the first time I got goosebumps. I knew that I wanted to be involved in marketing or advertising. I wasn't sure the job of global marketing director even existed and I couldn't tell you the difference between marketing and advertising at the time, but the position sounded important and I loved all things Nike.
  5. Age 23: Social Media Coordinator
    My first adult job. Social media expertise was in high demand and it was a young person's medium. It was my ticket into the ad agency world.
  6. Age 27: Global Marketing Director of Nike
    I'm not old enough to give up on my dreams.