I went to Ontario, Canada yesterday for a solid two hours driving up from my friend's cabin. Lol.
  1. Got mad questions at customs.
    No, we don't have mace.
  2. Drove for an hour to get to Thunder Bay.
    There is nothing — NOTHING — in the hour stretch from the border.
  3. Searched desperately for a billboard or cut out of Justin Trudeau.
    "Are you Justin? Because that's TRUE DOE!"
  4. Tried to find a touristy thing to do and failed.
  5. Turned around in an abandoned furniture drop-off parking lot.
    Honestly a work of art.
  6. Stopped at McDonald's.
    Foreign McDonald's are always so lit!
  7. Got the most Canadian thing I could find.
    McDonald's poutine, y'all!
  8. Drove another hour to get back to Minnesota.
  9. Got MORE questions at customs.
    Still don't have mace, but we did admit that we drove two hours for Canadian McDonald's, and that couldn't have been good ambassadorship for the USA.