1. You meant well.
  2. You asked me what I had going on today with a pair of scissors in your hand.
  3. I told you as I watched you through the mirror: I had to run some errands before I met up with my twin sister.
  4. With my locks between the teeth of your comb, you perked up.
  5. You asked the question. The dreaded question.
  6. You were not the first person to ask me, and you will surely not be the last.
  7. We made eye contact in the mirror while I glared and said nothing.
  8. After a few seconds of tension, you shrugged off the stale air as though the topic never came up.
  9. The mistake was your lack of attention to detail.
  10. You missed the word "sister."
  11. I am sorry for the attitude.
  12. But I am more sorry for your ignorance of how genetics work.
  13. 💇🏻💆🏻💁🏻