Better Albums by Artists Who Peaked Too Late

  1. Walk the Moon - Walk the Moon
    Every single song on this album is better than Shut Up and Dance, and then some.
  2. 19 - Adele
    After relistening to this one, I would make the argument that it's better than 21 and 25. I know this is controversial, but I must stand in my truth.
  3. Colour the Small One - Sia
    Also including Some People Have Real Problems and We Are Born. Weird Sia is so much more interesting and unique than pop-radio Sia.
  4. Trilogy - The Weeknd
    I know that this is just a collection of three mix tapes, but practically every song on here is better than Beauty Behind the Madness. Maybe he was just less cliche five years ago?
  5. Lights - Ellie Goulding
    The song "Lights" is what skyrocketed Ellie into the public awareness, but this album is full of bangers that the world has skipped over in favor of her newer, more pop sound. I love Halcyon too (don't care much for Delirium, not sorry), but this is the OG, a solid album from start to finish.
  6. The Elle King EP - Elle King
    I don't know if this counts since it's only four songs, but none of these got tired the way Ex's and Oh's did, and they're all better than America's Sweetheart.
  7. Nirvana - Sam Smith
    I can't explain it... I just didn't like In the Lonely Hour? Like, there were some good songs, but it didn't suck me in. I LOVE this 7-song EP, though.