I'm very passionate about this.
  1. Dangerously in Love
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    Honestly just don't know well enough outside the singles, but I can throw down on occasion. She hasn't found her "sound" yet but there's definite promise.
  2. I Am... Sasha Fierce
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    Might catch flak for this but I don't love this album. Some great songs but overall a little boring and immature (specifically in the latter half).
  3. B'Day
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    These are the best throwbacks. Even the non-singles sound like singles. (Maybe because every song has a music video?)
  4. Beyoncé
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    Iconic for its release but also is musically captivating and successful in most of its ambitions.
  5. 4
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    This is Peak B. Every song is nothing short of a banger.
  6. EDIT: Lemonade
    I'm making this edit three days after it was released, so I might be getting ahead of myself, but it really feels like a masterpiece.