Not definitive, still changing my mind on half of them daily?
  1. Men Against Fire (S3E5)
    The most forgettable and least impactful. Smart idea and well acted but the show has done similar things before and better, I feel like.
  2. The Waldo Moment (S2E3)
    Would be so much more impactful pre-Trump, now seems wholly possible slash it kind of did happen. Meh.
  3. Shut Up and Dance (S3E3)
    Just makes me mad to think about and nothing is spectacular to redeem it for me. I'm super pessimistic and even this was too much for me.
  4. Playtest (S3E2)
    Scary at the time but slightly forgetful. I think I still liked it, though?
  5. The Entire History of You (S1E3)
    Was like ten minutes too long? Idk I was just sad and mad the whole time. I think I'm the only one who doesn't love this episode?
  6. White Christmas (Special)
    Was so confused by the structure but the payoff at the end made it SO WORTH IT ahhhhh the twists at the end got me feeling some type of way
  7. The National Anthem (S1E1)
    I AM SO TENSE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT so well done but I get too worked up about it
  8. Nosedive (S3E1)
    Bryce Dallas Howard, Rashida Jones and Mike Schur, Joe Wright... there was no way I wasn't going to love this. Something about the overall aesthetic felt not-Black Mirror and very-Black Mirror all at once.
  9. White Bear (S2E2)
    I am sick. SICK. So well done but I just want to vomit.
  10. Fifteen Million Merits (S1E2)
    Yo I loved this shit. This is the dystopian shit I LIVE for, what a strange and fascinating universe.
  11. Hated in the Nation (S3E6)
    Omg. Wow. I am itchy and scared. SAVE THE BEES! Hashtag DeathTo me (I'm afraid to type it still)
  12. Be Right Back (S2E1)
    AHHHHHH Both actors are just so good yes way to go, got me feeling emotions Mariah Carey style.
  13. San Junipero (S3E4)
    Dead. Would watch this as a movie, would read as a book, love the story, love the concept, love the actresses, love the look.