Destiny's Child Singles, Ranked

  1. 13.
    No, No, No
    SO R&B. Good song, but doesn't move much. Version with Wyclef Jean is also lit in a different way.
  2. 12.
    Bug a Boo
    All the lyrics about technology have not aged great, but the nostalgia comes in big with this one. Girls are young and living their best lives.
  3. 11.
    Jumpin', Jumpin'
    A classic chorus. Fun dance breakdown. The rest is decent, but the competition here is STIFF.
  4. 10.
    Cater 2 U
    Don't sleep on the later Destiny's Child songs. The subject matter isn't amazing, but it's a GROOVE of a slow jam. And a great Michelle bridge!
  5. 9.
    The Stevie sample. The scatting. Did you know this is Beyonce's earliest cowrite? Anyway I am in the minority that doesn't love this song, sorry!
  6. 8.
    Baby T.I. and Lil Wayne. "Snatch up your Beyoncé." Pregnant Solange. Truly of its time.
  7. 7.
    The harmonies. Really solid ballad, and the live performance with Celine solidifies Beyoncé as the vocal diva she is.
  8. 6.
    Bills, Bills, Bills
    All the lyrics are hilarious. And "automo-bills" is the most brilliant portmanteau.
  9. 5.
    Lose My Breath
    The drumline. "Didn't mama teach you to give affection?" And what a boss dance off.
  10. 4.
    Didn't expect this to be so high? Fun fact: I learned yesterday that ten years later I still know all the words, and that's got to stand for something.
  11. 3.
    "You know I'm not gon' dis you on the Internet... 'cause my momma taught me better than that." All the lyrics. The bridge. Also the costumes are Tina Knowles best work.
  12. 2.
    Say My Name
    The vogueing. The sass. It all comes together so well. Just yes.
  13. 1.
    Independent Woman Part I
    Question. I bought it. The vocal breakdown. This is a perfect R&B/pop song.