1. Light blue distressed jeans
    Dad: How much did you pay for those holes?
  2. Dark blue jeans, straight fit
    Mom: Don't worry, you can still see your cute butt in these.
  3. Black jeans, slim fit
    Dad: You look dressed up! Where are you going?
  4. Off-white corduroys
    Mom: Oh, I love corduroys! You should wear corduroys more often! Do you want some more corduroys?
  5. Maroon chinos
    Mom: So festive!
  6. Olive chinos
    Dad: Oh, are you joining the military?
  7. Denim chinos
    Mom: At least they were on sale for only $10.
  8. Denim joggers
    Dad: Why would you wear denim while you're jogging? And why don't you run so much anymore?