Arguably the best guest stars of any TV show of all time, all packed into 18 episodes. This list excludes @busyphilipps because she was basically in every episode anyway despite not being a billed star. Apologies if your favorite got let off the list!
  1. Samaire Armstrong as Laurie
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    Probably best known as Anna from The O.C. (#rip), she plays a Dead Head who befriends Lindsay at the very end of the series. One of her first acting roles, and pretty memorable at that.
  2. Alexandra Breckenridge as Shelly Weaver
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    Star of a few seasons of American Horror Story and, perhaps most importantly, She's the Man (as Monique), she has some practice playing the bitchy/bad girl. This was also one of her first acting roles ever.
  3. Lizzy Caplan as Sara
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    Now a household name with starring roles in Masters of Sex, The Dictator, and Mean Girls (among a long list of others), Freaks and Geeks cast Caplan for the first time in her career as a fellow classmate. She wasn't given a true character until the final episode as Nick's disco-loving girlfriend.
  4. Kevin Corrigan as Toby
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    A man who it seems like has been in everything (I remember him most from the show Grounded for Life), Corrigan made a one-episode stop on Freaks and Geeks as Millie's cousin who helps the freaks get fake IDs for a show. He has the perfect amount of low-life creep and charm (his signature combo).
  5. Matt Czuchry as Teenage Guy #1
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    Definitely best known as Logan on Gilmore Girls and Cary on The Good Wife, this barely-there part was his first role. He played a student of a rival high school that gets into a prank battle of sorts with the freaks.
  6. Percy Daggs III as Mathlete #2
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    Little Wallace from Veronica Mara when he was even littler! In one of his first roles ever, he played a mathlete from a rival school who goes against Shelly Weaver (see Alexandra Breckenridge above).
  7. Ann Dowd as Cookie Kelly
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    A famous character actress in movies like Marley and Me, Garden State, and Side Effects (and Compliance, which you should definitely watch if you haven't already), Dowd plays Kim's mom with a crazy level of precision and comedic timing. I am shocked she is not more of a star, because she shows up in so many movies and shows!
  8. Ben Foster as Eli
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    Foster is a just-under-the-radar actor that has been in great works like Get Over It, Six Feet Under, and The Program (the Lance Armstrong biopic). Here, He played a mentally challenged boy that got bullied by most of the school except for Lindsay.
  9. Joanna Garcia as Vicki Appleby
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    Playing the mean cheerleader (and quite well, might I add) is hilarious when we consider her other big roles in Reba, Privileged, and so many other shows (seriously, just go to her IMDb page and see how many).
  10. Alexander Gould as Ronnie Johnson
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    Known best as the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo and Shane Botwin in Weeds, Gould got one of his first roles as a child Lindsay and Millie babysit. He is so young that he doesn't do much, but it's crazy to see how far he went after this.
  11. Steve Higgins as Mr. Fleck
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    Now he is Jimmy Fallon's late night side kick, but one of Higgins only forays into acting was as the A/V teacher in the finale of Freaks and Geeks. He had been writing for The Daily Show and Saturday Night Love years prior, which is probably how and why he took this role.
  12. Rashida Jones as Karen Scarfolli
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    Ann Perkins on Parks & Rec, Karen Filippelli on The Office, and countless movies have made Jones a household name. But one of her first roles came as Kim's friend turned ex-friend as well as a major bully toward Lindsay's brother, Sam. Although only on for one episodes, she is one of the hardest minor characters to forget.
  13. David Krumholtz as Barry Schweiber
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    You know him from Numb3rs and 10 Things I Hate About You (he's in a lot more than that, though!). Here, he plays Neal's older brother visiting from college as well as a love interest of Lindsay's. Same awkward but smart charm he always has.
  14. Shia LaBeouf as Herbert
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    The truest LOL you will get watching Freaks and Geeks is catching a young Shia LaBeouf as the school mascot who gets injured, only for Sam to replace him. He is now best known for Even Stevens, the Transformers franchise, and his public antics (such as the recent #ALLMYMOVIES).
  15. Leslie Mann as Miss Foote
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    You knew Apatow's wife was going to have to show up eventually on his show! Mann, well known for movies like Knocked Up and 17 Again, plays a very nice history teacher that Bill has a crush on.
  16. Jason Schwartzmann as Howie Gelfand
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    Star of various Wes Anderson movies, he got his second role ever (after starring in Rushmore two years earlier) as a fellow student who tries (and ultimately fails) to get the freaks fake IDs. The role is classic Schwartzmann from his sensibilities to his sense of humor.
  17. Riley Smith as Todd Schellinger
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    An actor who has been around playing big roles in New York Minute, Motocrossed, and most recently the show Nashville, Smith plays a football player that Sam hates because Cindy Sanders dates.
  18. Ben Stiller as Agent Meara
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    We all know Ben Stiller from movies like Zoolander and Dodgeball. In one episode Stiller plays a secret service agent for Vice President George H. W. Bush, who has a deep conversation with the guidance counselor.
  19. Tom Virtue as Mr. Sampson
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    I honestly just freaked out that the Even Stevens dad did anything other than that show. Turns out he's been in practically everything! He plays an English teacher who tells Lindsay memorably, "It's a test, not a race."
  20. Mike White as Chip Kelly
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    Mostly known as a writer and producer of School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and the show Enlightened, he takes on one of his first acting roles as Kim's brother who was a victim of police brutality and now sleeps all day on the couch.
  21. Thomas F. Wilson as Coach Fredricks
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    Biff Tanner from Back to the Future!!!!!! Playing a mean gym teacher!!!!!!! What a great casting choice.