Apparently I don't understand deadlines! @BookClub once again thank you, and I'm gonna finish this up REAL soon! Week Three readings really emphasized Mathilde's CRAZY upbringing, so let's dive in.
  1. Mathilde
    Mourning is healthy. Make sure you make an effort to communicate with the outside world, though. This is your time to refind yourself as an individual. Also, I know exacting revenge on Chollie is SO tempting, but be careful!
  2. Mathilde's parents
    ... You just lost a child, you want to make it two in the same day? Wow, there's a special place in hell for parents who abandon a child who (maybe I'm reading too optimistically) unintentionally had a hand in her brother's death. SHE WAS 4, and you didn't put a gate on the stairs. Fuck off.
  3. Mathilde's grandmother
    Don't make your granddaughter sleep in a closet? Idk. Learn a valuable trade so you're not promoting prostitution to your granddaughter???? Fuck off.
  4. Mathilde's uncle's driver
    Get a back bone and maybe report child abuse??? You seem like a nice enough guy, though, so you can stay.
  5. Mathilde's uncle
    Don't be a shady fuck. And fuck off.
  6. School bus driver in the hotel room
    Mourning is healthy, round 2. And don't call women sluts for exploring sexual freedom, so kindly fuck off.
  7. Rachel
    You're doing exactly the right thing. Thank you.
  8. Land
    I mean I guess you're alright, next time don't bother the widow and just go visit the cemetery though...
  9. Ariel
    GO SEE A THERAPIST AND THEN FUCK OFF. Thanks for sending our girl to college, I guess... But mostly just fuck off.
  10. Lotto
    Keep being ~crazy in love~ and I'm sorry you died before you could understand Mathilde's entire life story... But also... Fuck off for never really asking her about it????
  11. Chollie
    Fuck off. Wow. You are not a good person, and you were definitely not a good friend to Lotto before he died. I'll say it again: FUCK. OFF.