Sorry I'm late AGAIN @BookClub — hopefully will catch up to your schedule this weekend. As for this list: it was only a matter of time that I combined my love for Bey with my love of literature. Enjoy!
  1. Lotto
    "Ego" — You know he would relate to that Sasha Fierce lifestyle, using his play characters as alter egos of himself. "He got a big ego, such a huge ego." ALTERNATE CHOICE: "Mine"
  2. Mathilde
    "Beautiful Liar" — literally Mathilde to the letter. Beautiful and SPOILER ALERT!!! a liar (if only by omission). "It's not worth the drama for a beautiful liar." ALTERNATE CHOICES: "Hello," "1+1," "Resentment"
  3. Leo
    "Heaven" — Do I feel bad conflating his suicide with Beyoncé's miscarriage? Kind of. But he died young and left Lotto heartbroken. "Heaven couldn't wait for you."
  4. Antoinette
    "Haunted" — Especially after that last Fates chapter with Lotto's nightmare (did I even understand this chapter correctly?), the relationship between her and Lotto matches the title perfectly. "I know if I'm haunting you, you must be haunting me." ALTERNATE CHOICE: "Ave Maria"
  5. Chollie
    "Party" — I feel like this guy only shows up at parties. Also, didn't realize this was a weird way of saying Charlie for literally this entire half of the book. "'Cause we like to party!"
  6. Sallie
    "Cater 2 U" — Is it cheating to choose a Destiny's Child song? Maybe. But after reading the excerpt of Lotto's post-nuclear play, this is clearly who Sallie is. "Anything you want, just let me cater to you."
  7. Gawain
    "I Miss You" — The title says it all. "I miss you like every day, wanna be with you but you're away."
  8. Ariel
    "Ring the Alarm" — This man is about to become nothing but trouble. We don't know him yet, but he is definitely (one of) the wedge between Lotto and Mathilde. "Ring the alarm, I've been doin' this too long, but I'll be damned if I see another chick on you arm." ALTERNATE CHOICE: "Jealous"
  9. Gwennie
    "Best Thing I Never Had" — Lotto slept with her once and was immediately arrested and sent to boarding school, never to see her again. Rough. "You turned out to be the best thing I never had."
  10. Rachel
    "Broken Hearted Girl" — This is the only song I could come up with, in regards to her abandonment by everyone except Sallie (and sometimes Lotto but not really, let's not forget his and Mathilde's first party). No shade, but Rachel is probably a Taylor Swift song...