1. Happy on 7th Heaven
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    Didn't do much of anything but made it into the credits. Very cute, very aspirational.
  2. Comet on Full House
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    What a cutie! His relationship with the Tanner girls -- especially Michelle -- has stuck with me for years.
  3. Paul Anka on Gilmore Girls
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    Used really well in the show and looked cute the whole time. Doggie Swami is the only being I would trust to tell me my future.
  4. Doc on Grey's Anatomy
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    Strictly a plot device to create a love triangle (quadrangle) with Meredith, Derek, Addison, and Finn the vet. But Doc looked great doin' it!
  5. Stella on Modern Family
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    I honestly haven't watched this show in a long time and don't know much about her, but there was an episode where they all yelled "Stella!" Like in A Streetcar Named Desire. Plus who doesn't love a French Bulldog?
  6. Digby on Pushing Daisies
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    How sad was it that Ned couldn't touch Digby because he had previously died? He was too good for this world.
  7. Spike on Rugrats
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    Iconic. And let's not forget his being voiced by Bruce Willis in that mash up movie with the Wild Thornberries.
  8. Ivana on The Suite Life of Zac and Cody
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    I don't think we all know that Ivana was voiced by a not-yet-famous Emma Stone in one episode. This little chihuahua is problematic (besides her Trump-inspired name) but she also has a book, so I gotta give her props.
  9. Celine on Summer Heights High
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    Steals the whole show. This show is so important and underrated for many reasons, but Mr. G's love for Celine is nothing short of comedic perfection.
  10. Backup on Veronica Mars
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    I forget about Backup a lot (sorry, buddy), but how great is this photo! And the name is ***flawless.