I realized I had two almost identical drafts... Now I know my mission is to educate the masses about my girl, Nicole!
  1. DRAFT 1: People I Hope Have A Great Day Today
    NB: it's just Nicole Scherzinger...
  2. DRAFT 2: People Who Deserve More
    NB: it's still just Nicole Scherzinger...
  3. For those who don't know, Nicole Scherzinger was once the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, and now she continues to sing solo as well as perform on stage, participate on reality shows (I saw that NPH show where she was his sidekick), and just live her life with power and grace.
  4. Can we talk about her rendition of Don't Cry For Me Argentina really quick?
    In a just world, this would be her legacy. This is one of the best performances I have ever heard. http://youtu.be/ivOrKizry94
  5. And how about this Phantom of the Opera throw down?
    Girl holds her own against four professional leading men. So much respect, especially at those ending riffs. http://youtu.be/tE6SRBnDHx8
  6. And also her rendition of Memory?
    Not my favorite, but the raw emotion she brings is terrifying and makes the entire experience worth it. http://youtu.be/ube0Dak2Qec
  7. Check out this performance of You Don't Own Me with her own a cappella background singers!
    RIP The Sing Off. This was the first time I realized she could truly sing, and for that reason it always has a place in my heart. http://youtu.be/PF2LGrCjrX0
  8. When she showed up Simon Cowell with I Will Always Love You...
    It might only be one line, but it's all you need to know SHE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE! http://youtu.be/TjR7qsLBPsE
  9. Don't sleep on this duet of And I Am Telling You!
    Don't know Sam Bailey but this duet is crazy good. Ladies DID the damn thing. http://youtu.be/TTORFms2XTc
  10. She was part of the greatest musical event of the past ten years, Just Stand Up!
    Fifteen female pop stars singing a single for charity for cancer research. Fuck what you heard. This is my favorite song of all time. http://youtu.be/5sgjHlF84Yc
  11. Remember how she has her own rendition of Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire?
    This is low key the version I have in my iTunes... Not embarrassed. http://youtu.be/Yc5OyXmHD0w
  12. I know you're not forgetting all of the PCD jams that were the soundtrack to your middle and high school lives!
    Don't Cha, Beep, Stickwitu, Wait A Minute, Buttons, I Don't Need A Man, When I Grow Up, I Hate This Part... You cannot escape the power of PCD. And the songs have honestly aged pretty decently over the past ten years.
  13. Did you know about her solo bangers?
    Honestly there are quite a few, so I'll select a few important ones.
  14. Let's start with this classic: Right There (feat. 50 Cent)
    I still go hard to this one. 50 is aight but Nicole really shines here, even through the repetitiveness of the lyrics. 'Bout it. http://youtu.be/t-vTaktsUSw
  15. Have you heard Your Love?
    This came out two years ago, and I honestly believe with the right marketing this could have been a number one single. This bangs so fucking hard. http://youtu.be/9FOWI6Zftpg
  16. How about Bang?
    This is sexy. Idk how those vocals got paired with that background music but what a great choice. So about this. http://youtu.be/XQZJ3lBM-nE
  17. Lastly, try out Run.
    What a simple and effortless ballad. She nails it. http://youtu.be/L0Vh8Bgicao
  18. I don't know how to end this, other than... Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like her?