@ktomsche and I went to Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN for Memorial Day... Came for the racing animals (bulldogs!), stayed for the booze.
  1. No Regrets Here
  2. My Girls Toasted
  3. Ricky Seperate
    An intentional typo?
  4. First To Fight
  5. Asi Si
  6. Friarcracker
  7. Smiling Charlie
  8. Super Charlie
  9. World Famous Sam T
  10. Leroidessioux
  11. This Cat's Awesome
  12. Duke Of Luke
  13. Doinmysongndance
  14. Cozzy Kinda Love
  15. Alesha Maximus
    Is this a porn star? Is there horse porn?
  16. Cup O' Tea For Me
  17. Rodeoactive
  18. Shrewd Move
  19. Richies Sweetheart
  20. Majestic Pride
  21. Your Last Warning
  22. Foxy Felicity
    I think Felicity might be the owner's daughter's name...
  23. Anzoo
  24. Girlatwerk
    Unfortunately "Girl at Work" and not "Girl a Twerk"
  25. Dusty Princess
  26. Trill Point
  27. Schindlers Risk
    Happy Memorial Day!