I had a very strange dream last night in which I, for the first time in my life, realized that I was dreaming. This was so vivid I woke up feeling sick and couldn't move for a half hour. Here's what happened.
  1. We're going to start in the middle of the action: Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, and I were in a hotel room together. I was in the bed, and they were on two chairs (they were wicker chairs which I thought was a little weird, but that's not the point). We were just hanging out, surely being funny at a professional level.
  2. I fell asleep in the dream. Woke up and thought I was actually awake, but I was WRONG (I didn't realize this for a while). I was in my childhood bed.
  3. I go to the bathroom, and when I return to my room two of my college friends were there to surprise me for my birthday.
    Keep in mind my birthday is in October.
  4. We hang out for a while in my room, catching up on where we are in life, when all of a sudden a car crashes through the wall of my house. It turns, and crashes through the wall between my sister's room and mine. This crash reveals a hidden kitchen (in retrospect, it might have been more of a bomb shelter? The food was very expired).
  5. I yell for my dad, a normally clean-shaven man. He shows up with a goatee. (This is the detail that confirms I am not actually awake.) I ask him what is going on, and he says they're remodeling, unaware that the car coming in could have injured or killed my friends and me. I pin him against the wall and yell at him, which he shrugs off and smiles.
    Side note: do I have daddy issues?
  6. I return to my room and change in my closet while my friends stay on my bed. When I open the door my mom has organized a surprise party. However, I do not recognize any of the guests, which proves uncomfortable when they all line up to hug me.
  7. I spot actress Kate Mara three people back in the line. I know it's her because I met someone yesterday that is her voice doppelgänger IRL and I haven't stopped thinking about it. An older woman at the front of the line comes in for a hug and feels me up. I wake up for real, my heart racing, sweating through my pajamas.