Let these cheetah girls, cheetah sisters usher in your proceedings in a cheetahlicious way!
  1. "Together We Can"
    Title says it all. Shoot the moon, stop the rain, and ride a hurricane -- this is "ride or die" status.
  2. "Girl Power"
    Great for a lesbian wedding, which unfortunately I will never take part in as a man.
  3. "The Party's Just Begun"
    Can work for waking down the aisle or to kick off the reception. This gets people ready to celebrate the happy couple.
  4. "Strut"
    If I wanted a viral video out of my wedding, I'd pick this. Imagine all the bridesmaids and groomsmen strutting down the aisle!
  5. "Dance With Me"
    This is probably better for the reception/first dance... Also isn't technically BY The Cheetah Girls but features prominently in the second film.
  6. "One World"
    I never saw the third movie (no Raven, no need), but this song strikes me as something that celebrates eternal love.