My Israeli parents living in America have an interesting take on celebrating the holiday... 🎵 This is how we do it! 🎵
  1. IN: Prayers
    We sing the Hebrew prayers (3 on the first night, 2 on all other nights) on each of the eight nights of the holiday. In Hebrew. Do I understand them? Absolutely not. Could I sing them in my sleep in the middle of June? Absolutely.
  2. OUT: Latkes
    To be fair, we usually cave and make these once, usually in the middle of the eight days. They are never a success, no matter what we put on them.
  3. IN: Menorah
    Candles get lit most nights (sometimes we forget, we're only human), but I still can't remember if they go right to left or left to right. Never by the window, just on the dinner table.
  4. OUT: Dreidels
    I honestly don't know if we own any dreidels to play the game. That being said...
  5. IN: Gelt
    These chocolate coins, used for the dreidel game, are the shit. We keep them in abundance. Definitely recommend the semi-sweet or dark chocolate ones; they will change your life.
  6. OUT: Presents
    The only reason American kids get presents on Hanukkah is because the Christians made them butt hurt. I have never gotten anything more exciting than a pair of socks, save a gag gift of furry crocs one year from my sister.
  7. IN: Sufganyot
    Long live the jelly doughnut.