Happy National Siblings Day!
  1. So you know how Irish twins are when two kids are born to the same parents within a calendar year?
    This is a VOT (very offensive term) but society has deemed it OK, and I don't know any synonyms. Sorry 2 all the Irish folks on List App!
  2. I am an Irish triplet.
  3. My older sister was born in the middle of October 1992, and my twin sister and I were born in early October 1993.
    I am the younger twin by three minutes.
  4. We are one year minus eleven days apart.
    AKA 354 days.
  5. Yeah, October is a busy birthday month.
    Lots of going out to eat at nicer restaurants, which is the best gift of all.
  6. The number one question I get about this is: how did your parents manage?
    I bet you were thinking something like this. And that's OK. I'd be more weirded out if the horrors of three infants at once didn't cross your mind.
  7. Then I get the "what's it like being a twin?" questions.
    Once and for all: it's just like having any other sibling but they are closer to you in age and you are in the same grade at school. That's it.
  8. I guess it's pretty cool that we are going through the same rites of passage around the same time.
    Bar mitzvahs, driver's licenses, graduating from school, etc.
  9. But at the end of the day it's all I know, so explaining it as a "cool, unique thing" is difficult.
    Imagine getting asked "what's it like having a sister three years younger than you?" It's a weird thing to answer.
  10. It's a great "fun fact" for Two Truths and a Lie, though!
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  18. Here's to you, Shai and Stav! Love you both always!
    And sorry we don't have a decent picture of the three of us taken in the past five years — lets remedy that next month!