1. Get sushi for lunch
  2. Love said sushi
  3. Draft tweet
    Follow me I'm kind of funny and more than anything extremely desperate @mattanatron
  4. Question if there's a more official phrase for mercury poisoning
  5. Question further if I'm remembering the story incorrectly
  6. Google search
  7. 😳
    Me upon learning this entire story is just a giant conspiracy theory
  8. Scroll through search results
    While questioning everything I thought I knew
  9. Stumble upon this story
    In re: being cast in a play with Piven around that time
  10. Align myself with Elizabeth Moss
    While laughing at the popularity of Entourage
  11. Remember Elizabeth Moss' great burn on Fred Armisen after they divorced
    Sick burn, Peggy
  12. Then remember Elizabeth Moss is a scientologist
  13. Stay upset for longer than I care to admit
  14. Put all of this into the context of international right-leaning governance that puts millions of lives into disarray
  15. Continue to enjoy sushi
  16. Remember the name Minamata Disease two hours later