Inspired by many lists in the past few days. Not including shows where all the characters are perfect (Broad City, Brooklyn 99, Pushing Daisies, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Veep, You're the Worst, etc.). More unpopular opinions...
  1. Arrested Development - Gob Bluth
    Besides "ILLUSIONS!" most of his contributions are just annoying to me... Probably doesn't help that I don't like Will Arnett that much.
  2. Bob's Burgers - Bob Belcher
    By default, he just can't compare to the rest of his family.
  3. Chuck - Morgan Grimes
    Guys, Morgan is great except for the fact that he is just annoying. This cast is too good for Morgan to not be the worst, even though I don't want him to be. I guess maybe John Casey?
  4. Community - Pierce Hawthorne
    Chevy is a legend but also is really only great when he is playing assholes. Plus the racist schtick got old three episodes in.
  5. Empire - Lucious Lyon
    If you don't agree we are officially not watching the same show.
  6. Friday Night Lights - Julie Taylor
    DUH. Although I will be very unpopular when I say Riggins is a close second (before you yell know that Leslie Knope agrees with me as shown in the episode where Ann has her baby).
  7. Gilmore Girls - Jess Mariano
    THE WORST. To be fair, this is all before his "reformation" while Rory's with Logan.
  8. Girls - Jessa Johannson
    Obviously envy her entire life but she is a bad bitch who is too bad and too much of a bitch for her own good.
  9. Grey's Anatomy - Callie Torres
    I can't STAND her. I don't get why Shonda always sides with her because WOW she is bland. We would not be friends in the show or IRL. Also I don't know the name of the pediatric attending that's not Arizona but he is a problem too.
  10. Happy Endings - Max Blum
    I love them all, they are my children, but Max (albeit king of one liners) is just a boy crazy grump who doesn't care about everyone as much as they care about him.
  11. HTGAWM - Frank Delfino
    I guess? I mean the ensemble works really well. It was either him or Connor? (I swear if someone tries to say Laurel is the worst I'm unfollowing them, not sorry)
  12. Jane the Virgin - Rafael Solano
    Not great. Maybe I just don't like the bad boy trope? Idk. He is a looker, but looks don't matter when you're kind of a shitty person. #TeamMichael
  13. The Mindy Project - Morgan Tookers
    Every time he is in screen I just ask WHY?
  14. Nashville - everyone except Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton
    This show is a bunch of crybabies surrounded by two queens. Very confusing.
  15. The Office - Robert California
    Yeah, this is universal, right?
  16. Scandal - Fitzgerald Grant III
    Ooh, it was either him or Papa Pope, but Fitzie wins in the 11th hour because he is KING OF THE FUCCBOIZ. What a mess that should never have been president.
  17. Veronica Mars - Logan Echolls
    I DO NOT understand the LoVe ship. I just don't get it.
  18. Weeds - Shane Botwin
    This is a devil child.
  19. 30 Rock - Jack Donaghy
    Ugh. He is gross. But Lutz is a close second.