I loved this season so much. I can't wait to see how this show continues to awe and inspire. SPOILER-FREE (as best as I could)!
  1. "Indians on TV" (1.4)
    This is perfect television. Covering an importing issue about representation without being preachy, showing all sides but still having an opinion, and full of laugh out loud humor about the film and TV industry. I cannot recommend this episode highly enough.
  2. "Amarsi Un Po" (2.9)
    Wow. Maybe the most ambitious episode of a "comedy" TV show I've ever seen. This was a beautiful short film. The homage was delightful, the acting strong, the writing wasn't too hokey... Part of me wishes they could have edited it down closer to 30 minutes, but part of me loves that it was an hour. Definitely the most emotional episode of the show yet. Wow.
  3. "New York, I Love You" (2.6)
    ALWAYS HERE FOR DEPICTIONS OF UNDERREPRESENTED POPULATIONS! Never seen anything of this narrative style done so tightly, very impressed. Feels like a different show but tonally still fits with the season. And I'm a sucker for a standalone episode, what can I do...
  4. "Thanksgiving" (2.8)
    Two words: ANGELA. BASSETT. This episode was great: lesbian coming out story, family dynamics, years-long narrative... every Thanksgiving year depicted felt so intentional and meaningful. I love it. A perfect stand-alone episode you should watch regardless of your attachment to the show. And more Melina Matsoukas directing!
  5. "Mornings" (1.9)
    I think this is the most innovative episode of Master of None, and it fully worked. Operating as mini vignettes in the life of Dev and Rachel, you see a couple have fun and fight, to various levels of stakes. Just beautifully crafted discussions between fully fleshed-out characters.
  6. "Nashville" (1.6)
    Remember that episode of Girls where Hannah goes to that random guy's house for a weekend? This is very much like that. This episode works on pretty much every level, and the chemistry between Dev and Rachel is so evident and genuine. This episode just made me so happy about Aziz's career and artistic abilities. (Wish there was a Nashville show joke since I know Ansari is a FNL fan, but I'll live...)
  7. "First Date" (2.4)
    YES! Such a cool structure (a little reminiscent of "Mornings" from last season), and so many funny women! (Forever in love with Aparna Nancherla) The storylines were so well balanced between funny and sweet and sad. Just in awe.
  8. "The Other Man" (1.5)
    Mostly shocked by the guest star who KILLED this part (I was surprised to see her and loved it). Plot was fun, characters were fun, and Aziz was on top of his game. The scene in the ice cream shop has some of the most impactful and fun editing in the series.
  9. "Buona Notte" (2.10)
    There is so little I can say without spoiling it, but OMG. All the Dev and Francesca scenes are filled with so much emotion. A phenomenal fake talk show cameo is enlightening. Not a favorite episode, but a really beautiful wrap up that is worthy of the quality of the show.
  10. "Old People" (1.8)
    GRANDMA CAROL! Everyone in this show over 35 is amazing. The conversations between Dev and Carol were so captivating and full of life. Plus those seal pets are cute as fuck.
  11. The Thief (2.1)
    Loved it, then hated it, then loved it again. Awesome interpretation of Bicycle Thieves and Italian Neorealism, but at times was a little TOO plot heavy for me. One of those "objectively good but subjectively not my favorite" episodes.
  12. "The Dinner Party" (2.5)
    Overall I liked — the Jabbawockeez stuff was ridiculous, and the dinner party banter was good. Loved the last bit in the Uber with the Soft Cell song playing. Wish Francesca had a little more to do? Def cute tho, like her and Dev together, and excited to see how that develops.
  13. "Plan B" (1.1)
    What a great start of a show! The kids are cute, Aziz's friends are so friendly and "real," and the episode is set up in a way that you sympathize and adore the world Aziz has created.
  14. "Le Nozze" (2.2)
    A little too meandering for my taste, and not the most satisfying ending to the wedding (like why isn't Arnold's ex-girlfriend FURIOUS, there are consequences to your actions!!!). But many funny moments between Dev and Arnold, and "X in Italy is my favorite thing" and "love you, pasta!" have already been added to my everyday repertoire.
  15. "Door #3" (2.7)
    I think this the forgettable episode of the second season, but this was a better version of the first season episode "Parents" to me. Very cute all the way around but kind of bland. Points for Melina Matsoukas directing, though!
  16. "Hot Ticket" (1.3)
    Mostly this episode is forgettable upon finishing the season. But it is very amusing in its plot structure, characters (South Park loving date is a treat), and the end of the episode is cute and happy and sad all at once.
  17. "Ladies and Gentlemen" (1.7)
    I will come find this episode just for Dev and Denise yelling, "CITIZEN'S ARREST!" Love the subject matter, but this felt more like a stand up act than an episode of TV.
  18. "Finale" (1.10)
    I was just kind of bored watching this episode. The fight between Ansari and Wells was pretty moving (as most of their scenes together are), and the search for tacos at the beginning of the episode was peak MoN comedy. Commend the last scene for subverting expectations!
  19. "Religion" (2.3)
    I've figured it out — I just don't love the episodes with Dev's parents. They are adorable, and the episode was cute enough (lord knows I love a good barbecue), but they always come off a bit preachy in terms of how I'm supposed to feel about parents and sacrifice.
  20. "Parents" (1.2)
    I am a child of immigrant parents. I SHOULD love this episode. But a lot of it felt contrived in how it was setting up the plot. Yeah, our parents sacrificed a lot, I get it... I didn't need Aziz to guilt me on top of my parents' Jewish guilt. Props to Aziz's parents, though, who are the show's true MVPs.