Hey @bailey! And hey everyone else! I have new life updates that have taken up a lot of time, so what better way to share them? (PS thanks for checking in, you're a rockstar!)
  1. I got an internship with independent publisher Graywolf Press.
    It's super cool, super fun, people are great, books are fascinating, all good.
  2. But because that's unpaid, I also got a part time job at a stationary store.
    People still great, and nothing else really matters because it's more than minimum wage aka my highest paying job ever!
  3. These activities take up a good deal of time, and I've been slacking on most of my social media pages as a result (lol classic millennial response).
    But for real, my Twitter is becoming a wasteland too.
  4. What else is going on here? A lot of new and old TV to catch up on, books to read, still living at home with my folks to scrounge up some cash money.
    Repeat: lol classic millennial.
  5. Oh, I also have increased my number of drafts almost double because I feel like my content needs a heavy red pen before it meets the world.
    And that takes emotional strength that I haven't had since college.
  6. But I am most definitely ok. What are all y'all up to? Excited to jump back into the game.
    And thanks again for checking in on me, how nice and sweet of you! Keep doin' your thang, gurl!