My Aesthetic, Through Saved Pictures on My Phone

Inspired by @ilana
  1. My sister's dog desperately trying to go to the Kentucky Derby
  2. This passage from One More Thing by @bjnovak
  3. @AbbiJacobson from Broad City discussing the TV show Damages
  4. Carl's pin in the Jimmy Neutron movie
  5. This sign at my dog park
  6. Red from OITNB reading This Is Where I Leave You and yelling
  7. This children's book I found at Target
  8. Doug the Pug wearing denim in front of a pile of wood
  9. This brunch dish I had
  10. A collage of me in a lake with a beer floating on a frisbee
  11. This episode of Bojack Horseman with posters for FKA pigs, Bunny Ver, and Llama Del Ray
  12. This toilet with a live fish inside at the Jersey Shore
  13. This pig just chillin
  14. My friend's little sister's turtleneck
  15. Framed painting of chipmunk eating candy corn
  16. @AbbiJacobson discussing finishing Damages
  17. My friend's emoji rendition of the YouTube hit "The Poptart Tragedy"
  18. Cats discussing music on a @BuzzFeed quiz
  19. This tag on a jacket at a thrift store #beentrill
  20. This photoshopped picture 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾