Inspired by @ilana
  1. My sister's dog desperately trying to go to the Kentucky Derby
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  2. This passage from One More Thing by @bjnovak
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  3. @AbbiJacobson from Broad City discussing the TV show Damages
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  4. Carl's pin in the Jimmy Neutron movie
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  5. This sign at my dog park
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  6. Red from OITNB reading This Is Where I Leave You and yelling
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  7. This children's book I found at Target
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  8. Doug the Pug wearing denim in front of a pile of wood
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  9. This brunch dish I had
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  10. A collage of me in a lake with a beer floating on a frisbee
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  11. This episode of Bojack Horseman with posters for FKA pigs, Bunny Ver, and Llama Del Ray
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  12. This toilet with a live fish inside at the Jersey Shore
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  13. This pig just chillin
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  14. My friend's little sister's turtleneck
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  15. Framed painting of chipmunk eating candy corn
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  16. @AbbiJacobson discussing finishing Damages
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  17. My friend's emoji rendition of the YouTube hit "The Poptart Tragedy"
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  18. Cats discussing music on a @BuzzFeed quiz
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  19. This tag on a jacket at a thrift store #beentrill
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  20. This photoshopped picture 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾
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