My Cry Songs

It's been a rough week -- I lost a lot of money and had to wipe my computer clean of all my files over the past five years. These are my go-to coping songs.
  1. "First Love," Adele
    Deep cut from the first album - the jewelry box instrumental paired with "Forgive me, first love" makes me emotional... It's so simple and effortless.
  2. "Big Jet Plane," Angus and Julia Stone
    I honestly don't even think this is a sad song, but the instrumentation really lends itself to be cried to. I'm here for it.
  3. "Crown of Love," Arcade Fire
    "If you still want me, please forgive me," cuts me very deep for some reason. The uptick in tempo at the end gives me hope, I guess? This and the Adel song give the impression I only cry about receiving unrequited love, hmm...
  4. "The Funeral," Band of Horses
    Always have that irrational fear that everyone I know is gonna die hahahahaha laughing because it's true and I can't help it hahaha
  5. "Under the Table," Banks
    By the end when it's just the chorus repeating and her voice is frail and sing-crying, I'm a goner.
  6. "Unravel," Björk
    Repeating "So when you come back, we'll have to make new love" paired with the slow synth background is, to me, one of he most beautiful musical moments I've ever heard. Rooting for your love and happiness, Björk!
  7. "The Wolves (Act 1 & 2)," Bon Iver
    Honestly don't know what he is saying most of the time (I thought "Sinatra blue" was "cilantro blue" for years), but it is just so beautiful in how it talks about pain.
  8. "Shadow on the Wall," Brandi Carlile
    Sang this in a high school choral group and it still makes me emotional. Great for nostalgia cries and when you just wanna disappear for a day.
  9. "Child of Moving On," Caroline Smith
    Once she gets to the part near the end about swearing to not write another song, say another prayer, etc. I lose my shit. Tears everywhere. I feel for you, girl!!
  10. "Poison and Wine," The Civil Wars
    Are you FUCKING kidding me with this? FUCK. This song builds perfectly. Just thinking about The Civil Wars gets me weepy. Love you, miss you, crying forever.
  11. "Dear Avery," The Decemberists
    Who is Avery, and how can I help her? Him? Ugh, v sad. Complements the sadness I feel about not being able to help others (and more frequently myself).
  12. "Shouldn't Come Back," Demi Lovato
    "I'm tired of getting so sad, I'm tired of getting so mad" is me every hour of every day. I feel this on my most basic level, girl.
  13. "Get It Wrong, Get It Right," Feist
    The PERFECT nostalgia cry. Tempo is slow but not dragging, simple with good harmonies, subject matter is reminiscent of happier times in nature. Really every song by Feist is cryable -- need a new album, girl!
  14. "Cedar Lane," First Aid Kit
    Something about the minor key juxtaposed with the line, "Something good will come out of this..." just gets me.
  15. "Landslide," Fleetwood Mac
    It's a classic talking about the ephemeral nature of time and life. #relatable
  16. "Cosmic Love," Florence + the Machine
    This is a perfect song. I also just think of that moment in Grey's when Christina tells Teddy she can have Owen as long as she will stay and teach her, which (accompanied by this song) is heart-stopping.
  17. "Bad Religion," Frank Ocean
    Frank at his worst is better than me at my best... This is Frank at his best. His raw emotion here! Very cathartic choice.
  18. "Rivers and Roads," The Head and the Heart
    Literally goodbye. Not only is this the last song ever in the show Chuck, but I also dueted this with one of my best friends in college for her senior recital, and every memory I have associated with this song is textbook-definition bittersweet.
  19. "Corner of Your Heart," Ingrid Michaelson
    I'm a sucker for desperate requests for love. So simple but so impactful.
  20. "In A Word," Kirk Ross
    Saw this in the movie 28 Hotel Rooms, and that was a sad movie... It just used this song so well. A beautiful song about unobtainable love.
  21. "Everywhere I Go," Lissie
    Perfect for the helpless cries. Plus the key change is BALLER and manages to be sadder and more uplifting all at once? Many a tears have been shed to this one.
  22. "Twice," Little Dragon
    Another one where I'm not sure if it's sad or not, but the simplicity of beauty gets me here. Every time I hear this song I never want it to end.
  23. "Wait," M83
    The orchestration is so all-encompassing, and the chorus that just repeats "No time..." gets me teary-eyed right quick.
  24. "Get Free," Major Lazer
    Featuring Amber of Dirty Projectors. I just want to be free of my responsibilities, and this song really resonates as a result. So out of character for ML, and it's honestly their best song.
  25. "Song for Zula," Phosphorescent
    Just one of those songs you feel in every bone of your body. The instrumental arrangement is flawless. And I think the fact that the singer doesn't sound polished makes it that much more desperate. This is a common go-to.
  26. "Breathe Me," Sia
    Everything Sia has done pre-Chandelier is gold, but this song is and probably forever will be the best song she had ever written. AND its usage in the Six Feet Under finale is perfect.
  27. "Set Fire to the Third Bar," Snow Patrol
    Featuring Martha Wainwright. This is my go-to plane song, meaning I always play list when I'm descending into a new city for reasons only a therapist could figure out, but this is such a beautiful and bittersweet song.
  28. "Should Have Known Better," Sufjan Stevens
    SUFJAN! Your childhood is so sad! Reminds me to be thankful for my family, but mostly just a viable excuse to cry about my own selfish problems.
  29. "Devil Town," Tony Lucca (or Bright Eyes)
    But do you know how much I love FNL? Strictly when I get emotional over TV.
  30. BONUS: Her (Soundtrack)
    Oooooooooooh yeah. I put this on if I'm really ready to mope for a half hour. Downloaded this shit illegally (because it was never released commercially) with the sole intention of crying to it.