Not based on food! I repeat, NOT BASED ON FOOD!
  2. Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa)
    The Karlie to my Taylor. Loyal, dedicated, and really smart.
  3. Giada De Laurentiis
    Probs the Selena - hot, has a little boy trouble, and promotes some diversity.
  4. Alex Guarnaschelli
    The Cara Delevigne. She tells it like it is but doesn't make you hate her, and she definitely knows how to have fun.
  5. Anne Burrell
    For sure she's Lorde. Alternative style, dark sense of humor but you know she gets shit done.
  6. Cat Cora
    Hailee Steinfeld. Both are determined and entrepreneurial in their fields, and their work is critically acclaimed. They both seem like fun and no-nonsense all at once.
  7. Valerie Bertinelli
    Weird choice, but I'm gonna put her with Serayah. Both were on major TV phenomena and seem genuinely happy to be wherever they are, always willing to support their friends.
  8. Trisha Yearwood
    Gotta be Gigi Hadid. Both blonde and easygoing, naturally talented while exuding total confidence.
  9. Duff Goldman
    ... Jaime King? Their personalities are not vital, but they were both on great TV shows and somehow make you more comfortable when they're around.
  10. Mario Batali
    Zendaya. They're both extremely woke with great political opinions, and they're talented. What more could you ask for?
  12. Alton Brown
    The Haim sisters. You feel like they shouldn't fit but once you see their work you totally understand their function and importance. Maybe a little too good for the rest of the squad?
  13. Nigella Lawson
    I'm gonna say she is Ellie Goulding. Both British, very poised and focused on the work they produce, but you know both of them are cheeky and joyful on and off TV.
  14. Rachael Ray
    Lena Dunham. Has her own very famous show, sometimes a little too outspoken and controversial in their fields but produce very memorable and exciting work.
  15. -THIRD RING-
  16. Paula Deen
    Paula is the Blake Lively. Southern raised, sometimes says some questionable things (hi, Preserve), but her love of family and happiness is still infectious.
  17. Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman)
    She is Mariska Hargitay. The idea of her and the work she does is slightly more important than she herself is. Also a little out of touch with the reality of the rest of the squad (be it age or living on a ranch).
  18. Guy Fieri
    The white whale (literally and figuratively), Fieri can only be seen as Beyonce. They've been seen together a few times as parties but there's no way they can be friends in real life or it would ruin the mystique. This would be Guy's and my relationship. Also, just needed an excuse to post this Vine:
  20. Bobby Flay
    Katy Perry. Too much personal drama, promotes "bad blood" with his smackdown show.