'Tis the season! This year I'm going as "I graduated from college but am still working a retail job on Halloween night," hope people get it! ¯\_🎃_/¯
  1. Clifford
    Ended up just looking like a lil red devil
  2. Blue from Blue's Clues
  3. Anakin Skywalker
    I have never seen Star Wars?
  4. Pikachu
  5. Marill
    Different Pokemon
  6. Mouse
  7. Girl
    Did this one twice, which I realize now probably led to a few raised questions by non-parental adults in my life.
  8. Energizer Bunny
    All homemade, never again
  9. Pillsbury Doughboy
    Chef hat broke so I just looked like a marshmallow slash the Michelin tire creature thing?
  10. Farmer
  11. Hipster
  12. Dinosaur
    Reused a high school theatre costume aka a camp romper with a leather tail sewn on
  13. Nerd
  14. Minion
    Before the second Despicable Me, pls cut me some slack, I had to go to a school event
  15. Cool cat
    Jean jacket and cat visor
  16. Cat's out of the bag
    Had to reuse the visor!