One Book, One Movie, & One Album That I Think Everyone Should Read, Watch, & Hear (Plus a Few More)

Thanks for the request, @dustinboone! All of my favorites happened to be created by men, but the majority of my entertainment preferences are led by women, so I had to represent that.
  1. BOOK: Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides
    American history! Immigration! Sexuality!
  2. BOOK: NW, Zadie Smith
    Race discussions! A day in the life! Writing styles, plural!
  3. MOVIE: Her, Spike Jonze
    Forbidden love! Technology! The cast (ScarJo, Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde, Chris Pratt... This was tailor made for me)!
  4. MOVIE: Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola
    Loneliness! Foreign locations! More ScarJo! (You can probably tell my personal brand is "movies that were nominated for Best Original Screenplay")
  5. ALBUM: For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver
    The Wolves! Skinny Love! Creature Fear! Every song is perfect.
  6. ALBUM: 4, Beyoncé
    I Care! 1+1! Countdown! Again, every song is perfect. And this is better than her self-titled album, fight me.