Using pictures by searching the cities/countries. If you don't know Cat Power and/or this song, let me refer you to the following link:
  1. Saudi Arabia
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  2. Dhaka
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  3. Calcutta
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  4. Soweto
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    Side note: I have bungee jumped here! So crazy, so fun.
  5. Mozambique
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  6. Istanbul
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  7. Rio
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  8. Rome
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  9. Argentina
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  10. Chile
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  11. Mexico
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  12. Taiwan
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  13. Great Britain
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  14. Belfast
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  15. The desert
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  16. Spain
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  17. Tokyo
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  18. Some little bitty island in the middle of the Pacific
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    Love the image search function.
  19. My town
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    Substituting Minneapolis here because I love this city so much. I'm leaving town for four months tomorrow and I already miss it!